Sit down with Craig Hawkins #5

By Dane Simpson


Each week we take a chance to catch up with one of the up-and-coming Developmental Series drivers and find out a bit more about who we get to race with Thursday nights. This week we are talking with Craig Hawkins.

Dane – How long have you been on iracing? Or other sims?
Craig – 18 years.

Dane – What is your preferred type of racing, or do you have a specialty? What type of racing do you generally watch?
Craig – Nascar

Dane – The D series schedule is all over the place, what races are you looking forward to/ wary of.
Craig – Phoenix road and wary of dirt.

Dane – Is there something you’re looking to take away from the series in terms of development?
Craig – Just improvement

Dane – Prediction time! If you’re going to win a race this season, what one is it going to be, where do you think you will land by seasons end?
Craig – Phoenix road hopefully a top 5 in points