Sit down with Thaddeus Marshall #89

By Dane Simpson


Each week we take a chance to catch up with one (or two) of the up-and-coming Developmental Series drivers and find out a bit more about who we get to race with Tuesday nights. This week we are talking with Thaddeus Marshall, who is looking to make a late season push for the title.
Dane – How long have you been on iracing? Or other sims?
Thaddeus – I’ve been on iracing for 3 years now, but before that I raced on the nascar games.
Dane – What is your preferred type of racing, or do you have a specialty? What type of racing do you generally watch?
Thaddeus – I prefer dirt oval racing, it’s by far my favorite to drive on iracing and to go watch.
Dane – The D series schedule is all over the place, what races on the schedule were you looking forward to and what ones were you wary of?
Thaddeus – I’m looking forward to the two dirt oval races with the legends at Lanier and dirt street stocks at USA. Not looking forward to the dw12 race at Daytona road course.
Dane – Follow up to that… is there a premier race you want to for sure qualify for, something you think would be super fun.
Thaddeus – I would love to make it to run the dirt street stocks at Volusia and the dirt road at Phoenix.
Dane – Is there something you’re looking to take away from the series in terms of development?
Thaddeus – Honestly learning how each car and each discipline of racing runs different, but how each one of them can tie into one another.
Dane – Prediction time! If you’re going to win a race this season, what one is it going to be, where do you think you will land by seasons end?
Thaddeus – I want to say that I’ll win the championship, I’ve been making a huge comeback with the last 4 races being double points and I feel really confident driving the trucks. But if I can’t win, I’d like to see Marc Gonzales win. He’s been the driver to beat week after week.