Sit down with Nick Devos #39 and Brandon Devos #37

By Dane Simpson


Each week we take a chance to catch up with one (or two) of the up-and-coming Developmental Series drivers and find out a bit more about who we get to race with Tuesday nights.
This week we are doubling up with the brothers Devos. You can find them in matching cars most weeks and both in the top 5 of the developmental series.


Dane – How long have you been on iracing? Or other sims?
Nick – I started iRacing 2 months ago after my brother got me interested in it, before that I hadn’t really had any experience in sim racing, mostly more arcade style racing.
Brandon – I started iracing at Christmas of last year but I’ve been racing on Xbox for 3 years prior.


Dane – What is your preferred type of racing, or do you have a specialty? What type of racing do you generally watch?
Nick – I prefer road racing, both asphalt and dirt, since getting involved with Core I have really started to like GT3 a bit more. I don’t tend to watch racing much but I’ll occasionally have one on while I do other stuff, whether it’s NASCAR, Indy, GT3, or anything else.
Brandon – Oval asphalt is my preferred racing but as I’ve dabbled into GT3, road racing is starting to grow on me.


Dane – The D series schedule is all over the place, what races are you looking forward to/ wary of.
Nick – I’m really excited for the VW race at Charlotte, I enjoy rallycross in iRacing and that may be my favorite car/track combo for rallycross. I’m most worried about dirt street stocks the following week as dirt oval is my worst racing type.
Brandon – I honestly look forward to any race that is not on dirt. Me and dirt have a terrible relationship.


Dane – Follow up to that… is there a premiere race you want to for sure qualify for, something you think would be super fun.
Nick – Rallycross at Phoenix would probably be the one I’d be most interested in.
Brandon – I’d really like to make it into the gander trucks race at homestead. I like that track a lot and those trucks are so much fun.


Dane – Is there something you’re looking to take away from the series in terms of development?
Nick – Lower lap times, of course.. but also how to pass without wrecking or causing incidents more often on road courses. I’ve been involved in too many accidents that have ruined my race and I can’t really blame that on the field most of the time.
Brandon – I’d like to be able to be faster and more competitive. I believe I hold myself back too much by not wanting to mess up anyone else’s race.


Dane – Prediction time! If you’re going to win a race this season, what one is it going to be, where do you think you will land by seasons end?
Nick – My best chance of victory is VW at Charlotte, it all depends on how consistent I can stay and the strength of the field that week. There are a handful of strong drivers this season that could easily get a win any week, but also some who specialize in each type of racing. I’ll be happy with a top 5 at the end of the season but really want to work my way into top 3, as long as I beat #37 (Brandon) I’ll consider it a win!
Brandon – If I was going to predict a win, it would have to be the legacy trucks at Phoenix. That race should be a good battle between me and Marc Lapierre as we’ve raced that track together many of times. I’d like to finish in the top 5 at least this season and top 3 next season.