Week ending 9/16/2021

By Dane Simpson
Premier Series
Live from Daytona International Speedway……It’s the wrong side of the car! Sunday night the Core Premier Series brought the V8 Supercars to Daytona, but not the road coarse like some might expect. The Core Premier series regularly presents unique challenges, constantly challenging its drivers with obstacles you won’t find in other series. The Supercars have their seat on the right, adding a challenge to keeping the yellow line on the left reliably. Several drivers would pick up those important bonus points for leading a lap through the pit cycle including John Nobinger #44, Daniel Stein #87 and Kevin Foster #8. Eric Andrews #9 Would find his way to victory lane for the 2nd week in a row as the field took the checkered flag under caution. Big movers of the race included Andrews who started 22nd, Dan Hisey #21, Matt Crockett #10 and Patrick Shelton #04 who all gained 10 or more positions during the race.

Andrews goes back-to-back


GT3 Road to Rio Challenge
Sprint Race
In the wee hours of the morning before the sun even thought about peeking above the Belgian tree line, the Core Racing GT3 Series took to the chicanes of Circuit Zolder. An uncharacteristic first lap mistake would see pole sitter Nick Nickerson #2 fall to the back of the pack, allowing Carl Handwerk #18 to lead all 14 laps of the sprint race. Sean Goodwin #66 narrowly missed the clean racing bonus points by a single corner cut 1x, making Handwerk the only one to score the bonus.

Handwerk breaks through before the sun does


Endurance Race
With the sun up and an inverted field drivers returned to the track for the one hour endurance portion of the event. Fuel economy was the story of the race as Kevin Foster #8 and teammate Paul Butler #77 worked towards a zero stop strategy. Foster would coast across the finish line to take the race, while Butler would need to pit and finished 5th. Mason Smith #6 suffered a heartbreaking loss, running out of fuel just a couple turns before the finish line. In an inspiring show of teamwork Nick Nickerson #2 would push Smith the remainder of the way to the finish line, giving up 5th to Butler.

Foster fuels his way to victory


Developmental Series
“To be a good actor you have to be something like a criminal, to be willing to break the rules to strive for something new.” – Nicolas Cage. In some ways Cages advice perfectly applies to the work that is done here in the D-Series week in and out applying skills learned from one discipline to another, pushing in ways you didn’t think you could. This week Sean Goodwin #66 pushed his Nick Cage themed Radical to a dominating victory Tuesday night. Abhi Visuvasam #008 would lead the one lap of the race that Godwin did not to score an additional bonus point. To say it was a difficult race for everyone would be an understatement, congratulations to all drivers who made it out and completed the race! Heading into the double points section of the season, Marc Gonzales #88 leads Nick Devos #39 and Todd Caudle #30 by 34 and 39 points. With only 75 points separating 1st and 8th, anyone could still claim the season.

Goodwin with a, well, good win