Sit down with Marc LaPierre #08

By Dane Simpson

Marc LaPierre #08

Each week we take a chance to catch up with one of the up-and-coming Developmental Series drivers and find out a bit more about who we get to race with Tuesday nights. LaPierre was the highest placing D-series driver in the first race of the season, but struggled in race number 2, finishing 11th. The combination of poor finish in race 2 and no bonus points dropped him to 3rd in points 1 point out of second place.

Dane – How long have you been on iracing? Or other sims?

Marc – I’ve been on Iracing for a little over a year, Before that, I raced on Xbox, mostly nascar titles.

Dane – What is your preferred type of racing, or do you have a specialty? What type of racing do you generally watch?

Marc – NASCAR is my preferred, Short tracks are my specialty, again I follow all the nascar NASCAR series.

Dane – The D series schedule is all over the place, what races are you looking forward to/ wary of.

Marc – I’m looking forward to the truck race at Phoenix, since that is my forte, I feel there is a lot of dirt racing in this series which I don’t race very often and am not very good at it.

Dane – Follow up to that… is there a premiere race you want to for sure qualify for, something you think would be super fun.

Marc – I wish I would of qualified for the Arca race this week but didn’t finish very well in the dirt legends. The tour Modifies at New Hampshire would be fun to qualify for.

Dane – Is there something you’re looking to take away from the series in terms of development?

Marc – Always looking to get better (Even in dirt) but not a big fan, I guess for the simple reason that I’m not that great at it.

Dane – Prediction time! If you’re going to win a race this season, what one is it going to be, where do you think you will land by seasons end?

Marc – If I were to predict a win it would probably be the truck race at Phoenix. Hopefully in the top two in points so I can race in the premiere series full time.