Sit down with Abhi Visuvasam (#008)

By Dane Simpson

Each week we take a chance to catch up with one of the up-and-coming Developmental Series drivers and find out a bit more about who we get to race with Tuesday nights. This week we kick of this series of interviews with Abhi Visuvasam #008. Visuvasam had a strong start to last weeks race at Charlotte until Patrick “Cowboy” Cooneey #001, season 5.1 graduate ended his night, flipping Visuvasam on his lid.

Dane – How long have you been on iracing? Or other sims?

Abhi – I’ve been playing racing “sims” from the early 90s, but I always used a keyboard or controller. In 2020, I bought a Logitech steering and pedal set to use with Xbox for Forza. I loved it and so after some research, I wanted to try iRacing. In May 2021, I put my iRacing rig together and started playing for the first time. So, playing driving games, decades of experience. Playing iRacing…about 3 months.

Dane – What is your preferred type of racing, or do you have a specialty? What type of racing do you generally watch?

Abhi – I’ve always been a fan of road racing and especially endurance road racing because that is primarily what I have been following since the early 80s. I have an appreciation for oval racing and the different skill set it takes to make the car work for you. I just can’t do short ovals, because of motion sickness.

Dane – The D series schedule is all over the place, what races are you looking forward to/ wary of.

Abhi – I’m looking forward to the road courses, but the dirt tracks worry me. I just don’t have the fine motor skills to keep a dirt car pointing the right way! Or maybe that’s my problem…I shouldn’t be trying to point it the right way!

Dane – Follow up to that… is there a premiere race you want to for sure qualify for, something you think would be super fun.

Abhi – V8 Supercars at Daytona sounds like fun! Which means I probably have to do really well at one of the dirt courses in D to qualify, which means my chance is slim.

Dane – Is there something you’re looking to take away from the series in terms of development?

Abhi – I’m soaking it all up, from setup to racing lines to braking markers, racecraft, etc. The premier guys in D are fast and I like learning, so it’s a good match for me.

Dane – Prediction time! If you’re going to win a race this season, what one is it going to be, where do you think you will land by seasons end?

Abhi – I think I have a shot at the Radical race at Oulton Park or the Dallara race at Daytona. I know both of those circuits and I am consistent there. I think if I win, it won’t be because of sheer pace, it will be because of consistency, staying-out-of-trouble and a big bad-ass heaping of luck!